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Thorazine Cost

Related post: have two loci determining the expression of infectious X-MuLV. In crosses with other inbred X-MuLV strains, NZB high expression of these two loci segregates as Mendel in dominants. By comparison, crosses of additional strains (F/St, BXD-14, NZW or M.M. molossinus) expressing moderate to high levels of infectious X-MuLV show that high expression is markedly suppressed in young F, mice and mice in the backcross to the low X-MuLV present. The possibility that the product of a single locus may suppress the high X-MuLV phenotype of non-NZB strains is under investigation. Studies of expression of gp70 antigens coded for by X-MuLV . XenCSA and G.^ are two determinants of gp70 molecules coded for by endogenous X-MuLV. Studies of mice from crosses segregating for quantitative expression of XenCSA and G.^ confirmed previous work demonstrating that XenCSA levels are controlled by a gene linked to Gpd-1 on chromosome k. For G.^, a similar effect was observed for mice from one cross (B6 X DBA/2) but not another (B6 X C3H) . These results indicate independent genetic control of two cell-surface markers for X-MuLV. Other studies of spleen cells stimulated with PHA, Con A, or LPS showed that XenCSA expression is markedly increased by Con A and PHA but Thorazine Cost only sightly increased by LPS stimulation. Cell surface antigens coded for by X-MuLV may thus serve as markers for activation of T lymphocytes independent of increased production of infectious or X-MuLV. Studies of neurotropic wild mouse ecotropic MuLV . NFS mice injected as newborns with CAS-BR-M, a wild mouse ecotropic MuLV, develop hind limb paralysis and lymphomas after 2-3 months. During this latent period, the level of XenCSA on spleen cells, but Thorazine Mg not thymocytes, increases markedly. This increase is associated with the appearance in spleen extracts, of antigens related to the gp70's of recombinant, mink cell focus-inducing (MCF) MuLV. MCF antigens were also detected in brains of older mice with paralysis. The possible role of recombinant MuLV in the development of paralysis is under investigation. Resistance to MCF MuLV . Cells of DBA/2 and DBA/1 mice, as compared to those of NFS, AKR or some other inbred strains, are highly resistant to infection with MCF MuLV. Resistance is controlled by a single dominant gene. Studies are in progress to map this gene and determine its effect on spontaneous development of lymphomas. 2'»-27 Project No. ZOl Al OOI38-O6 LMI Publ ications : Elder, J. H., Gautsch, J. W., Jensen, F. C, Lerner, R. A., Chused, T. M, Morse, H. C, Hartley, J. W., and Rowe, W, P.: Differential expression of two distinct xenotorpic viruses in NZB mice. Clin. Immunol, and Immunopath. 15: ^93-501, I98O. Longstreth, J. D., and Morse, H.C. ill.: Murine leukemia viruses of inbred mice, in press I98O. 24-28 SMITHSONIAN SCItNCE IMFOffMATION EXCHANGE PROJECT NUNiBER (Oo NOT use this space) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE PUBLIC IICALTfl SERVICE NOTICE OF INTRAMURAL RESEARCH PfiOJECT PROJE' T NUMBER ZOl Al 00139-15 LMI PERIOD COVERED October 1, 1979 to September 30, I98O TITLE OF PROJECT (80 characters or less) The Immunologic Response of Animals to Trypanosomal Antigens NAMES, LABORATORY AND INSTITUTE AFFILIATIONS, AND TITLES OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS AND ALL OTHER PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL ENGAGED ON THE PROJECT Research Microbiologist LMI/NIAID Research Microbiologist LPD/NIAID Post-doctoral Fellow Biologist LMI/NIAID Graduate Student Visiting Associate LMI/NIAID Medical Student Geneticist DRS/NIH Visiting Fellow LPD/NIAID Visiting Scientist IB/NCI PI: J. F. Finerty OHTER: D. M. Dwyer L. P. Thorazine Tablets Gasbarre* L. Kendrick R. McKelvin** Y. Rosenberg E. Me 1 V i n''"''* C. T. Hansen P. Gardiner J. Jones COOPERATING UNITS (if any) * WHO Immunology Research & Training Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
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